Making Progress


Welcome back to the GlassSpy Games development blog! It’s a new week and about time to let you lot know how things are progressing.

We got together and had a meeting today, and it seems things are coming along well. Kyle and Jordan have already got a lot of coding done, and key gameplay mechanics such as the flashlight are in place. The lighting effects this creates are looking very nice – or at least they are to me! We discussed what other mechanics we want to include, and how they’re going to work and fit in with the storyline.

The art direction that the game is taking was sorted a while ago, and since then Edward and Lisa have been busy working on various assets including the protagonist and the cast of villains. The protagonist is nearly completed, and the story itself is in a good place.

As for sound design, I’ve completed the title/menu theme, and have a few ideas written down (and in my head) for other themes for the game, including overworld themes for each area the player visits. I’ve already got some environmental sound effects recorded, including footsteps, switches, door locks etc., as well as a couple of variations of “collectible” sounds for when the player finds things to pick up. From here I need to create a few more of these incidental sound effects, get some more background effects (for example, industrial noises for a power plant area) and, of course, create musical themes for other areas of the game.

As with all projects, of course, there’s plenty more work to do and kinks to iron out, but things are going fairly smoothly at GlassSpy Games and *fingers crossed* it will continue to be that way for the rest of the project.

See ya next time!


Ready to Go!

GlassSpy Games will be developing a game for the Tranzfuser event over the coming months. After meeting to make important decisions regarding style, story and other aspects of the game, we’re ready to go and are keen to make the best game we can. Keep an eye on this space for updates on progress and development!